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Commerce West Insurance States Many Drivers Do Not Have Proper Auto Insurance Coverage

Motor vehicle accidents and other types of automotive mistakes account for billions of dollars in medical bills, legal bills, property damage, and income loss each year. Motor vehicle owners need to have protection for themselves, loved ones, and their vehicles. There are many auto owners that have auto insurance but do they have enough to protect them fully?

It is just not enough to say you have a car insurance policy these days. Commerce West Insurance believes that their insurance customers should be aware of how much and what exactly their auto policy will cover. On this topic, Commerce West Insurance and the Better Business Bureau are in total agreement.

Commerce West Insurance and the BBB recommend that you have full understanding of the auto insurance policy prior to purchasing it. It is recommended to obtain different types of insurance quotes at different levels of coverage to find the right fit personally for your needs. Most states will require a minimum amount of coverage. Remember, this is minimum only. This doesn’t mean you will be totally protected. This amount is just what is required to legally drive on the road. They will require a certain level of liability insurance on your policy to protect again an accident where you are found to be the at fault driver.
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Commerce West Insurance reminds you that the newer your vehicle is, the more coverage you should take out, including collision coverage on your policy. Of course, if you still owe payments on your vehicle, this will be required by the financial institution you are paying. Commerce West Insurance reminds drivers to be aware of their vehicle’s condition. Keep it up to date on all maintenance. This can help to prevent some accidents. When you are thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, keep in mind the cost of upkeep. Vehicles that cost more for upkeep will cost more in insurance premiums as well since they are often the vehicles that are stolen.

If you are thinking of purchasing a used vehicle, request to see the original title – not a copy. If this checks out okay, your next step should be to check out the history of the vehicle. The history of the vehicle will let you know if it has been in accidents, floods, or any other type of incident that would cause damage that might be unseen to the untrained eye. If you receive damage on your vehicle, are involved in a collision, or have weather damage, Commerce West Insurance says to contact your insurance carrier at once. Do not put it off. They may be able to provide further service to you that you were previously unaware of, such as towing of your vehicle if it is in an unsafe driving condition.

Commerce West Insurance suggests having a good communicative relationship with your mechanic. If you do not have a mechanic that you can trust to give you an honest estimate in writing, your insurance company can give you a list of mechanics that they use to get your vehicle fixed and back in working order.


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